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Hansteel phase two Shexian steel project put into operation

HBIS Group Hansteel Company has completed construction of a 3700m3 blast furnace, a 250-ton converter, a 1780mm hot-rolling production line and associated facilities of the phase two of its steel project in Shexian economic development zone.

On June 6, the 3700m3 blast furnace produced the first furnace of molten iron. The phase two is expected to become fully operational in early June, which marks the completion of Shexian steel project.

Hansteel shut down all iron and steel making capacity in Handan city on December 20, 2022 and began to build the first phase of Shexian project at the same time. The phase one of the project produced 2.37 million tonnes of iron, 2.46 million tonnes of crude steel and 1.69 million tonnes of steel products in 2023.