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Shanghai Fenruite and SPIC Shanxi to partner on 5ktpa lithium carbonate project

Shanxi saw two projects with total investment of RMB1 billion (USD139 million) signed at the 7th Silk Road International Exposition on November 17.

Shanghai Fenruite Technology Co., Ltd. and SPIC Shanxi Aluminum Ltd. reached an agreement to develop a project with annual production capacity of more than 5,000t of industrial grade lithium carbonate, using lithium-bearing high-grade alumina slurry from Bayer process as the raw materials. The project is expected to achieve annual production value of RMB750 million (USD104 million). 

Another project signed is the 3,000tpa new generation electronic materials project to be build in Ruicheng, which is expected to generate annual production value of RMB600 million (USD83.45 million).