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Far East Copper Foil Yibin project sees first output from trial production

Far East Copper Foil (Yibin) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Far East Smarter Energy Co., Ltd., produced high-precision and ultra-thin copper foil used for lithium battery that are up to standards during trial production on November 18.

With an annual production capacity of 60,000t, Far East Copper Foil is capable of producing copper foils used for lithium battery with specifications including ultra thin (4.0μm), high tenisle strength (60kgf/mm2), high extensibility (≥15%), large width (≤1580mm), etc. It is also developing production technology for composite copper foil and aluminum foil. The company has two production bases, one in Taixing and the other in Yibin, with a total planned production capacity of 75,000tpa of copper foil, and has been preparing for commencing production to meet demand from lithium battery industry.