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Global crude steel production down by 3.0% YoY in Aug

The global crude steel production declined by 3.0% year on year to 151 million tonnes (Mt) in August 2022, according to preliminary data released by the World Steel Association.

In August, China's crude steel production increased by 0.5% YoY to 83.90 Mt and India produced about 10.20 Mt, up by 1.2% YoY. The output in Japan and U.S. declined year on year by 7.4% and 7.1% respectively to 7.3Mt ad 7Mt.

During the month, Russia produced 5.9 Mt (estimated), down by 5.5% YoY, South Korea produced 6.1Mt (estimated), down by 0.4% YoY. The output in Germany declined by 2.3% YoY to 2.9 Mt.

The production in Turkey declined by 21.0% YoY to 2.8 Mt and Brazil's production decreased by 11.3% YoY to 2.8Mt. Iran produced 2.1Mt, up by 64.7% YoY.