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Inner Mongolia to speed up restricted capacity shutdown

Inner Mongolia aims to complete the orderly withdrawal of restricted capacity in industries including iron and steel, ferroalloy, calcium carbide, coke and graphite electrode by 2023, as the region moves to speed up the elimination of backward and excess capacity, according to official documents released by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Inner Mongolia already closed 72.9% of 4Mtpy of restricted ferroalloy capacity scheduled to be withdrawn by the end of 2022, and it plans to shut down 6.65Mtpy of iron-making capacity and 6.2Mtpy of steel-making capacity by the end of 2023, with more than 60% completed to date. For graphite electrode industry, 53,000tpy of restricted had already been fully withdrawn as planned by late 2021. So far, the region has shut down restricted coke capacity of 600,000tpy with production cut by 1.56 million tonnes, and restricted calcium carbide production capacity was cut by 63%.