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Fuhua Group's advanced material industrial park project starts

On August 2, Fuhua Group's advanced material industrial park project was started in Wutongqiao new industrial park, Leshan. With a total investment of 22 billion (USD3.26 billion) and covering an area of 330 acres, the project consists a total of six categories of 21 sub-projects, including the construction of comprehensive utilization project of fluorite mineral associated resources, fluorinated electronic special gas project, project of 600,000 tons of electrolyte for lithium-ion battery, 100,000 tons of LFP cathode material project, 50,000 tons of high-end phosphorous flame retardant project, 20,000 tons of glufosinate and related supporting projects. After completion, the project is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of RMB61.9 billion (USD9.17 billion), and an annual profit and tax of RMB18.3 billion (USD2.71 billion).