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Beijing Water Business Doctor's subsidiary plans to invest about RMB672 million in semi coke project

Beijing Water Business Doctor Co., Ltd. announced on August 5 that, the company's board of directors' review meeting already passed a proposal, agreeing to allow its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shenmu Wanbangda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to invest and build semi coke phenol ammonia wastewater centralized treatment project (referred to as "semi coke project") in Shenmu High-tech Industrial Development Zone, and to sign an investment agreement with people's government of Shenmu City. With total investment of about RMB672 million (USD99.38 million), the main part of the project is to construct Shenmu High-tech Industrial Development Zone 220m3/h semi coke wastewater centralized treatment device, and supporting biochemical treatment device and auxiliary production facilities.