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Yunnan strives to exceed RMB180 billion in output value of new material industry by 2024

On June 22, Development and Reform Commission of Yunnan Province and Yunnan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Three-Year Action for New Material Industry Development in Yunnan Province (2022-2024)". The "Action" shows that in the next three years, Yunnan will form a new material industry ecology drawn by leading enterprises, coordinating from supporting enterprises and perfecting in public services by implementing six major actions. By 2024, the output value of the new material industry will strive to reach more than RMB180 billion (USD26.86 billion), and the industrial scale will triple.

In terms of industrial forging long plates, Yunnan will focus on the development of new precious metal materials, new energy battery materials, new titanium-based materials, new tin-based materials, new optoelectronic microelectronic materials, rare earth and new chemical materials.