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State Council to promote ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired power units, iron and steel and coking industries

The State Council recently issued the "Comprehensive Work Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction During the 14th Five-Year Plan Period". The plan mentions that the growth of coal consumption should be strictly and reasonably controlled, the clean and efficient utilization of coal should be done well, and the "three reforms and linkages" of the existing coal-fired power units should be promoted, and the ultra-low coal-fired power generation units will continue to be pushed. It is necessary to focus on the industries such as steel, non-ferrous metals, building materials, petrochemical and chemical industries, and promote energy-saving renovation and in-depth treatment of pollutants. China will promote the ultra-low emission transformation of iron and steel, cement, coking industries and coal-fired boilers. By 2025, the ultra-low emission transformation of 530 million tons of steel production capacity will be completed, and coal-fired boilers in key areas for air pollution prevention and control will fully achieve ultra-low emissions.