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Global crude steel production up by 3.6% YOY in 2021

The preliminary data released by World Steel Association on December 25 showed that in December 2021, the crude steel production of the 64 countries which were included in World Steel Association reached 159 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 3.0%.

The top ten crude steel producers in December were China, India, Japan, America, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Brazil and Iran. 

In December, China produced 86.2 million tons of crude steel, down by 6.8% YOY; Indian produced 10.4 million tons, up by 0.9% YOY; Japan produced 7.9 million tons, up by 5.4% YOY; America produced 7.2 million tons, up by 11.9%; Russian produced 6.6 million tons (estimated data), unchanged YOY; South Korea produced 6 million tons, up by 1.1% YOY; Turkey produced 3.3 million tons, down by 2.3% YOY; Germany produced 3.1 million tons, up by 0.1% YOY; Brazil produced 2.6 million tons, down by 11.4% YOY; and Iran produced 2.8 million tons (estimated data), up by 15.1% YOY.

In 2021, the global crude steel output of the 64 countries totaled 1.912 billion tons, rising by 3.6% YOY.

The production from January to December of China and Iran was 1.033 billion tons and 28.5 million tons respectively, down by 3.0% and 1.8% YOY; while that of India, Japan, America, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Germany and Brazil recorded 118 million tons, 96.3 million tons, 86 million tons, 76 million tons, 70.6 million tons, 40.4 million tons, 40.1 million tons and 36 million tons, up by 17.8%, 14.9%, 18.3%, 6.1%, 5.2%, 12.7%, 12.3% and 14.7% YOY respectively.