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NBS: China's crude steel output up by 5.6% YoY in Jan-Feb

According to latest data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS), in January to February 2023, China's crude steel production totaled 168.70 million tons, up by 5.6% from the same period of 2022, with daily production averaging around 2.86 million tons; pig iron production recorded 144.26 million tons, up by 7.3% YoY, with daily output averaging around 2.45 million tons; and steel product production reached 206.23 million tons, up by 3.6% YoY, with daily production averaging nearly 3.50 million tons.

Data from China Iron & Steel Association (CISA) show that in January to February 2023, major Chinese steel mills produced a total of around 130.76 million tons of crude steel, up by 8.25% YoY, with daily output recording around 2.22 million tons; major steel mills produced about 117.91 million tons of pig iron, up by 11.26% YoY, with daily output reaching nearly 2 million tons; and major steel mills produced 126.60 million tons of steel products, up by 8.35% YoY, with daily output averaging 2.15 million tons.