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Nanshan Aluminum transfers 100000t of primary aluminum capacity to Huaren New Material

Nanshan Aluminum recently announced the progress of the transfer of 336,000t of primary aluminum capacity. According to the announcement, the company signed the Primary Aluminum Capacity Index Trading Agreement with Guizhou Huaren New Material Co., Ltd. on January 17, 2023. Both parties agreed that Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. would transfer its 100,000t of primary aluminum capacity index to Guizhou Huaren New Material Co., Ltd. The unit price of the index transaction (tax included, with tax rate of 6%) is RMB6,633/t (USD982/t), and the total price of the transaction object is 663.3 million yuan (total price excluding tax is 625.75 million yuan, equivalent to 92.67 million US dollars, and the tax amount is 37.55 million yuan, equivalent to 5.56 million US dollars) based on the capacity index of 100,000t.