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Total production value of 38 Baotou rare earth enterprises up by 82.2% YOY in Jan-Oct

From January to October 2021, 38 above-designated-size rare earth enterprises located in Baotou Rare Earth High-tech Industrial Development Zone achieved an accumulated industrial production value of RMB17.23 billion (USD2.70 billion) in total, up by 82.2% on a year-to-year basis.

In terms of enterprise category, enterprises in three categories including raw materials, new materials and end applications achieved production values of RMB8.45 billion (USD1.33 billion), RMB7.41 billion (USD1.16 billion) and RMB1.37 billion (USD0.22 billion) respectively, up by 107.8%, 81.7% and 4.3% YOY respectively and accounting for 49%, 43% and 8% of the total respectively. Of new material enterprises, magnet material, hydrogen-storing material and polishing material enterprises achieved production value of RMB6.74 billion (USD1.06 billion), RMB468 million (USD73.46 million) and RMB205 million (USD32.18 million) respectively, up by 87.2%, 50.2% and 23.1% YOY respectively.