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Yulin implements control measures to meet 2021 energy consumption targets

Yulin Municipal Development and Reform Commission announced that it will implement control measures such as production restriction and suspension on major energy-consuming enterprises, in order to effectively curb the surge in energy consumption and to ensure that the city's 2021 energy consumption and intensity targets are met.

The city sets a cap of 39.37 million tons of standard coal for energy consumption. The control measures target major energy-consuming enterprises in the city and will last from September to December 2021.

Major control measures include:

As of the date of issuance of this notice, newly-built projects with high energy consumption and intensity are not allowed to commence production.

Projects with high energy consumption and intensity that are already operational this year shall restrict monthly production by 60%.

For companies with high energy consumption and high intensity under rectification but failing to reach advanced-value energy efficiency level or failing to carry out energy-saving measures, they will be forced to suspend production until relevant measures are implemented and they pass acceptance check.

Coal washing and dressing companies shall consume energy in accordance with industry standard for energy consumption per unit product. False and concealed declarations are strictly prohibited.

Other companies with high energy consumption and intensity shall lower running capacity of production lines and suspend the operation of submerged arc furnace to ensure that Spetember production is restricted by 50%.