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Zhangshiba Lead-Zinc Mine Project goes into pilot production

Zhangshiba Lead-Zinc Mine Project, a major provincial grade project of 945,000tpy invested and built in Dean, Jiangxi, went into pilot production recently after the construction was completed, trying to achieve a daily mining and dressing volume of 3,000t in mid-November. Containing 3 million tons of metals, the mine is the largest lead-zinc mine discovered so far in China, ranking first in Asia.

In 2005, Zhangshiba Lead-Zinc Mine Project, whose reserves were ascertained by 916 Geological Party of Jiangxi Bureau of Geology, introduced Tianbao Mining Group (Ningde) Co., Ltd. for joint development and cooperation in a way of mining right cooperation. In December 2018, the joint venture got the mining license for a mining area of 4.6309 square meters to excavate zinc ores, lead ores and antimony ores with a designed production scale of 945,000t per year and a designed service period of 20 years.