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Tangshan requires production suspension and curtailment of blast furnaces in iron and steel industry

Recently, the air pollution prevention and control working group of Tangshan city released the notice about "Tangshan's air quality supporting program for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Games" and sought public opinions. The city will require iron and steel enterprises to suspend or curtail production of blast furnaces as well as supporting coking and lime to different extents and ban transportation of heavy lorries of National-V standard and lower standards, effective through 13 March, 2022 from the release date.

From now to mid-March 2022, blast furnaces of B level and C level are required to curtail production by 30%-50% and those of D level are required to suspend production. The whole city will cut production by 12.37 million tons in 2021, which is not allowed to increase before 13 March, 2022. Blast furnaces under 1,000 cubic meters and converters under 100 tons are required to shut down. The ban on heavy lorries of National-V standard and lower standards will result in poor transportation. The long period and high degree of enforcement will support the market.

In addition, the notice put forward the production adjustment measures on a scientific and accurate basis. For industries with uninterruptable processes, such as iron and steel, coking, petrochemical and coal chemical, the control period during the events and emergency strengthening period will be carried out in accordance with performance classification. For industries with difficulties in stopping operation completely in a short period and with potential exhaust emission pollution after production suspension, such as cement, tile, refractory materials, carbon, chlorine alkali, architectural pottery, pharmacy and pesticide, enterprises will be guided to reserve enough time for production suspension in order to meet the emission requirements during the events in a timely manner.