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Yunnan Shenhuo to not be able to complete business plan due to power restriction

Shenhuo Coal & Power announced on the evening of July 29 that Yunnan Power Grid has implemented orderly power supply to primary aluminum enterprises in Yunnan since May 10. On July 27, Yunnan Shenhuo, a holding subsidiary of Shenhuo Coal & Power, received a load limit notice again. It will be forced to shut down 35 electrolytic cells again as the load limit reaches 30%. At present, the capacity utilization rate of Yunnan Shenhuo is only 61.11%, and the 800,000-ton business plan formulated at the beginning of the year will not be completed, which will have a significant impact on the operating results of Yunnan Shenhuo. As the production resumption date is undetermined, the specific impact on output and benefits cannot be accurately predicted for the time being.