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CISA: Major steel mills' average daily steel products output records 2.39 million tons in late Feb

According to the data released by China Iron & Steel Association (CISA), major steel mills produced a total of about 19.14 million tons of steel products in late February 2021. The average daily steel products output was about 2.39 million tons, up by 11.52% MOM and 18.66% YOY.

In this ten-day period, major steel mills held steel products inventory of about 16.41 million tons, down by about 1.14 million tons or 6.48% from the previous ten-day period, while up by about 2.65 million tons or 19.24% from late January. The inventory was also up by 41.22% from 4.79 million tons at the beginning of the year, but was 19.89% lower compared with 4.07 million tons in the corresponding period of last year.