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JISCO clarifies business goals for 2021

On January 5, JISCO held the first meeting of the seventh employee representative meeting. Wei Zhibin, general manager of the group and deputy secretary of the party committee, made an administrative work report on behalf of the group. The report clarifies the operational goals for 2021. The company is to achieve operating income of RMB116 billion (USD17.68 billion), the province's industrial output value of RMB74 billion (USD11.28 billion), and a profit of RMB1 billion (USD152.39 million). It aims to produce 8.3 million tons of iron, 9.6 million tons of steel, 9.5 million tons of steel products (including 1 million tons of stainless steel), 1.58 million tons of primary aluminum, and 21.7 billion kWh of power generation. The investment in fixed assets projects is expected to be RMB2.53 billion (USD385.55 million).