Aluminum Copper Lead

Lvliang Jianlong fully resumes production

Following the successful ignition of the 1800m3 blast furnace for ironmaking on October 12, Lvliang Jianlong continued to move forward. On October 14, the 120-ton converter successfully smelted the first molten steel; on October 17, the first billet was delivered. At this point, Lvliang Jianlong's ironmaking and steelmaking processes were ready for production in an all-round way.

oup took Shanxi Jianlong as the main body to manage the original Haiwei Steel; on June 22, the first batch of 200 people from the Shanxi Jianlong team officially settled in the original Haiwei Steel; on June 29, Lvliang Jianlong Industry Co., Ltd. was officially registered and established, which marked the first step for resumption of its production.