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Handan launches yellow alert emergency response for heavy pollution weather

According to information from the Bureau of Ecology and Environment of Handan, based on the joint consultation of the Ecological Environment Emergency Response and Heavy Pollution Weather Warning Center of Heibei, China National Environment Monitoring Center and the Environment and Meteorology Center of Hebei, it was expected that there would be heavy pollution weather in Handan from the afternoon of October 14 to October 15. The command office for heavy pollution weather emergency response of Handan decided to launch emergency response III from 8:00 of October 14 to 8:00 of October 16 and the whole city should implement emergency response and emission reduction measures on the basis of the requirements of Heavy Pollution Weather Emergency Response Plan of Handan.

Industrial enterprises should rationally adjust and control production plan and implement differentiated emission reduction measures for yellow alert (III) in accordance with List for Industrial Sources of Heavy Pollution Weather Emergency Response and Emission Reduction in Handan 2020-2021 (submitted version) on the premise of ensuring safe production and livelihood protection. Enterprises that have greater emissions should further reduce emission and enterprises in industries including iron and steel, coking, brick and tile and casting should cut the emission of pollutants in a larger amount based on the emergency notice of management and control measures for air quality improvement released by the office for leading team of air pollution prevention and control. Thermal power generation enterprises should increase the consumption of absorbent of desulfurization and denitrification and reduce the emission in maximum. The government called for strict implementation of these measures based on the notice.